North Hill

Historic North Hill 

North Hill has been a part of Pensacola’s history since the end of the 18th century and has a prominent place in American History.  It was here in 1781 that the Spanish army under General Bernandro de Galvez defeated the English at Fort George, helping to turn the tide of American Revolution.  The battle site, at the crest of a hill rising from the waterfront settlement, is now distinguished as the Fort George Memorial Park.  Northwest Florida’s great forests of yellow pine provided homebuilders with choice material for construction of many stately homes now treasured and protected in the North Hill Preservation District.  Interiors display a lavish use of quality wood in paneling, ceiling beams, graceful stairways, and ornate trim.  A number of the old homes are occupied today by descendants of the original builders.  Others which had fallen into disrepair have been restored to their original beauty.


North Hill includes Alabama Square with playground, Gazebo where activities are held throughout the year.  North Hill is located just blocks from Downtown Pensacola with restaurants, shopping, the Maritime Park, downtown YMCA and Pensacola Bay.  




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Hot Spots in North Hill


Palafox Farmer’s Market, Global Grill, Maritime Park, Palafox Street shops, restaurants and galleries.  

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